Deaf and Dumb is the term commonly used to describe persons who, through deafness, are unable to hear the spoken words of others, and who, consequently, remain dumb. Deafness is the cause, dumbness the consequence. Thus the term “deaf and dumb” is a misnomer, for the deficiency is single, not two-fold, although in the result it affects the two organs of hearing and speech.

Deafness is either congenital or acquired. Congenital deafness arises from some natural cause, which deprives the child of hearing from its birth. Acquired deafness arises from disease, accident, or other causes

Hearing children acquire speech by imitating the sounds they hear spoken by others; the deaf, unable to do this, remain dumb. Medical science being of no avail, the deaf has to find their solace in educational treatment


As we have to deal with want of hearing, a substitute has to be found for it, which in some cases is done by signs, in other cases by acquired speech and lip-reading. The eye in all cases has to perform the double duty of hearing as well as of seeing. The power of reading what others say, from the face and lips, is called lip-reading. The deaf child, like its hearing fellow creatures, is taught to speak by imitation.

Education is one of the important factors in the life of deaf & dumb Children. Due to hearing problem children are unable to learn like hearing children. Children are taught by special equipments & special techniques.

Individual Speech Education

Children are taught auditory & speech training individually. In auditory training Students have to try to hear some sounds & then they have to give reply .By this training Students hearing capacity will able to increase.

In Speech training, Students are taught to vocalize, elongate sounds like aa, ee, babbling sounds like baba, dada, mama, etc. Continuous vocalization improves speech. Students are taught to identify letters, words, etc. Continuous repetition improves speech & language.

Auditory trainer, Speech trainer, hearing aid, computers, various CD’s, helps in development of Students. Picture books, flash cards, models, playing items are also helps in development of Students.

Group Education

With the help of group hearing aid and loop induction system, children are taught to try to listen the sound spoken by teacher.

In the group of 8-10 students, they are taught to communicate & express their thoughts, feelings, etc. Children are taught various concepts like reading, writing, mathematics, poetry’s, stories, grammar, etc.

Sports Education

Physical & sports education are the important part while teaching these children.

Children are taught yoga, pranayam, and various indoor & outdoor games, which helps them to maintain their physical health.

Cultural Education

Children are taught various cultural programmes like dance, drama, mimicry to increase their self-confidence & knowledge about various cultures.

Art & Craft Education

Children are taught various art & craft items like greetings, paintings, candles, files, ceramic items, bead work, etc to improve their creativity which help them to become self independent.

Technical & Vocational Education

Children are taught computer, typing, stiching, repairing household items, etc, which help them to become self-independent.

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