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Deaf and Dumb Residential School

Deaf and Dumb is the term commonly used to describe persons who, through deafness, are unable to hear the spoken words of others, and who, consequently, remain dumb. Deafness is the cause, dumbness the consequence. Thus the term “deaf and dumb” is a misnomer, for the deficiency is single, not two-fold, although in the result it affects the two organs of hearing and speech.

Deafness is either congenital or acquired. Congenital deafness arises from some natural cause, which deprives the child of hearing from its birth. Acquired deafness arises from disease, accident, or other causes.

What Make Us Different

Social Appeal

Social Appeal

With the able guidance of the teachers and the Management, the students of the school have excelled in various extra-curricular activities.

Education and Training

Education & training

Education is one of the important factors in the life of deaf & dumb Children. Due to hearing problem children are unable to learn like hearing children.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Children are taught various art & craft items like greetings, paintings, candles, files etc to improve their creativity which help them to become self independent.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Children are taught various cultural programmes like dance, drama, mimicry to increase their self-confidence & knowledge about various cultures.

Admission Process

Deafness is the cause, dumbness the consequence. Thus the time period “deaf and dumb” is a misnomer, for the deficiency is single, now no longer two-fold, even though withinside the end result it influences the 2 organs of listening to and speech.

Further information on the admissions process can be found under the following link.

About Our School


1st September 1994.

Manage by

Shri Mangal Multipurpose Education, Technical Education and Training Institute, Nagpur

No. of Students


Teachers & Staff

8 specially trained Teachers, 2 physical teachers and 14 non-teaching staff.



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Hello. Our school has been present for over 28 years in the society. We make the most of all our children.

we provide classes for deaf, deaf and dumb, blind, visually impaired and also physically disabled.

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We provides necessary facilities to learn and socialize to our students.
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